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A simple and addictive version of the classic Snake game.
Press space to start, and move around with the arrow keys.

Versions of the Snake Game

Rattler race is a version of snake game that was introduced in 1991 for Windows based personal computers.
The game was originally distributed with Microsoft entertainment pack and was available with the earlier versions of Windows operating system.
The game's strategy was to feed a snake that is very hungry with apples that are placed at various parts of the screen.
Compared to the original snake game, Rattler Race featured many obstacles and the players must avoid these obstacles while playing the game.

Rattler Race was graphically advanced and various skill levels were set to ensure a better game play experience to the users.
The game had 30 various levels and a rich graphics pattern which made the game a very popular one among players.
If a player is looking for a challenging version, he always had the option to choose a more advanced version at any point of time and it was not necessary to play the lower levels. Compared to the traditional game, more fun was ensured with the selection of enemy snakes.
A player can choose up to 3 enemy snakes and these snakes will try to attach the player's snake whenever they get a chance.
Navigating through walls is very difficult, especially when the snake attain larger size. The challenge of the game was to navigate through the walls without getting stuck and to avoid the enemy snakes.
Rattler Race received a warm reception as this was a remake of the popular snake game; In fact, the game is referred as snake game by many players.

Interestingly, the game also featured bouncing balls which were fatal to the snake if it hits on the head of the player's snake. however, the bouncing balls are not dangerous if they bounce through the snake's body which allowed the player to carry on with the game.
The enemy snakes ensured fun while playing the game because they also eat apples which will reduce the score in the game.
The player can kill the enemy snake by trapping them in a corner or by forcing them to move towards a dead end. This ensured advanced joy while playing the game.
There are golden apples that appear occasionally at random places. Eating a golden apple ensures more points to the player and the player's snake will grow in size. However, if the enemy snake is getting its hand on the golden apple first, the player will lose many points as the enemy snake grows very fast.
Rattler Race received warm reception for one more reason. The reason was that the game had a feature to adjust the screen size so that the player can use any screen size for playing.

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