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Snake Game

Snake is one of the most classic and popular casual games in the world, this site is a humble tribute to this amazing game.
Choose the difficulty level, and move the snake with the arrow keys while avoiding the walls and the Snake's body.

About Snake game

We live in a world flooded with digital gadgets and most of them support video games, Hundreds of video games are released each year but there are very few games that pass the test of time.
Snake Game is one among the video games that received wide popularity, probably far beyond the creators of this game expected.
It is very difficult to find someone who has never played this game because the variations of it are available on almost every electronic device.

When a player plays snake game, he is controlling a snake, which is crawling in a compound wall which is usually the screen's boundaries.
Some games possess obstacles inside the compound wall while the normal version does not have any obstacle in between.
There will be new cubes and bonus goodies placed at different parts of the playing area and the strategy is to eat all of these while ensuring a smooth movement by the snake.
The snake's movement should not be restricted by an obstacle or its own body. While starting to play the game, managing the movement of your snake is very easy but when your snake eat various stuff placed on the screen, the snakes becomes bigger and navigation of the snake is very difficult.

There are different levels and when a player enters to a higher level, the snake's movement becomes faster which brings further difficulties to navigate it.
With experience and proper gaming strategies, players can "feed" their snakes to a very large extent and the snake's body will cover more than half of the entire screen.
However, this game demands a lot of skill, especially decision making capabilities. A successful player of snake game is the one who can make the right decisions and implement it within fraction of seconds.

History of the game

The game evolved during the mid of 1970's and was widely played as an arcade game. Due to its simple graphics and easy interface, this game attracted both entry level and professional game players because the game catered the needs of players with various skill levels.
The main interesting feature of the game is that the snake is always on the move once the game is started. The player can only control the movement of the snake but can't stop it from moving.
Due to this fact, a player needed to pay constant attention throughout the game which brought the game more popularity. Once the popularity increased, Trefonas, a US manufacturer of microcomputer games introduced a microcomputer version of snake during 1978.
The game was played on a microcomputer called TRS-80 and received a warm welcome among game enthusiasts who were looking for simple yet mentally challenging games.
BBC Micro, the microcomputers developed by Acom Computers for British Broadcasting Corporation featured snake game. The game was a color version and BBC micro featured various speed levels in the game when the snake's length reaches a particular level.
Managing the lengthy snake moving at a relatively increasing speed in the game was not an easy task and many players simply loved the game due to its demand for a much focused mindset.

Nokia mobile phones featured the game as one of the default game and undoubtedly, this is one of the most remarkable milestones in the game's history. Even Nokia didn't expect the game to receive such a wide popularity because there were a lot of mobile phone games that had a more complex gameplay theme.
However, most people chose to stick to Snake Game on mobile phones and some suggest that it may have even contributed to Nokia's sales.
Experts suggest that mobile phones were opening path for people at various age groups to experience the fun of playing electronics games and snake was one of the easiest games to play. Many experts believe this to be the most convincing reason for the popularity of this game.
Snake game stayed on Nokia mobile phones for a very long time even after they converted to color due to the popularity. Even today, some phones feature this game with slight modifications to the original version.
Even the original introducers of this game couldn't create a successful benchmark in the arcade game history. There are a couple of games that lived beyond expectations and became immortal to which snake is an example. Gremlin, who introduced snake as an arcade game, couldn't create any considerable influence in video game market even after moving to console game industry.
The company was merged with Sega and later faced bankruptcy. However, Gremlin can be always proud about their wonderful creation which created a fan base of millions all over the world.

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